After years of interest in natural health, running my own health food store in Melbourne & trying countless products – I came across the Davidson’s line and learned of Robert Davidson’s breakthrough Hive discoveries through a long time interest in natural products that could help those suffering with cancer.  This interest led me to Robert & his discovery of the New Dawn health tonic – I was simply amazed by the product and the results it was having for so many seriously ill people, and wanted to make it available through my shop.  In doing so, I learned about his other Hive discoveries and the story of this remarkable man, and became familiar with his unique range of products.  I’ve been so impressed with the results and content of the Davidson’s line, for one – I haven’t stopped using the products since I first came across them over 7 years ago, and perhaps more importantly, I became committed to bringing these products to Australia so we could all benefit from them over here! 

One thing that impressed me directly about the Davidson’s and the way they do things, was their sincere care for the health of those who could be brought benefit from Robert’s discoveries, and the close family atmosphere of the farm they run.  Certified organic since 2000 in as pristine a part of the world as one could hope, deep from the wilds of the south island of New Zealand where things are still done with the kind of values one hopes will never truly become old fashioned, we deliver Robert’s groundbreaking discoveries.  We hope you and your loved ones enjoy them and benefit from them as we have over the years.


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